Day 1: I go in prepared for an interview and end up recording for the station as soon as I walk in.

(Official) Day 1: I find out I’m photographing a celebrity Q&A in two days.

Day 2: I meet Liam Payne.

Sound like a good internship yet? You tell me.

What do I do?

Q100 is Atlanta’s most popular Top 40 station. I work during the afternoon show with Adam Bomb, as part of the “BombSquad.” I take photos, shoot and edit videos, record podcasts and commercials, write blogs, and do a bit of wacky photoshop stuff.

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Week 1: Meeting Liam Payne, obvs. And we got to hear his new song a couple weeks before it was released.

Week 2: Going to the Braves game at the new SunTrust Park with the BombSquad. We brought posters for the jumbo tron. Can you guess which one I designed? (I hope you’re catching onto The Office theme)

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.49.27 AM

Week 3: Seeing The Rock. I helped at Q100’s advanced screening of Baywatch with one other intern and guess who showed up? It rocked.