Music's influence goes beyond just sound.

Month 1 At Q100

How likely is it that you'll get to meet a member of One Direction on the second day of your job?


Misconceptions of Hidden Heroes

A sneak peek into what life is like for a Furman police officer.

Getting Your Name Out There

You're different than other photographers. Learn how to show people.

Music’s Influence in Northern Ireland

Music has played an important role in reconciling the deep-rooted conflict in Northern Ireland.

Imagine Peace

Listen to stories from three undocumented college students.

How To Begin As A Music Photographer

Want to start shooting shows but have no idea how to begin? This post is for you.

Lyrics As Coping Mechanisms

A story of why I keep photographing music.

It’s Okay To Not Be In Control

Have you ever compared an artist's intended meaning to the meaning you have gathered?

Don’t Just Listen

Music is not the most important thing at concerts.

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